The hope of a nation lies in the quality of its youths. This is because the youths constitute the major part of a nation’s population. Besides, it is in the youths that the strength, vigor, and intelligence to drive any change, whether positive or negative, resides.

YMATE an avenue where youths are mentored on academic, life and career. The initiative also helps student in area of empowerment and to generally make a well rounded-personality.


To instill in youths a healthy and balance way of growing in their environment
To help youths in the area of their academics pursuit and how to excel in their future chosen carrier
To help youth understand their role in community development and how they can do so effectively
To empower youths and help them in the area of self-discovery


Our target audience are youths especially the ones transiting from teenage to adulthood in private and government owned secondary schools in Lagos state.

YMATE roundtable: this is an avenue where selected students who has shown a greater interest in developing themselves shall be gathered for a workshop training on different aspects of their interest. This would done three times a year. That’s once in a term.

YMATE conference: the YMATE conference is an annual event where YMATErs shall meet, make special presentations on community development, research and listen to seasonal speaker and motivational speakers who will further strengthened their love and motivate them to build a better and sane society.