At the beginning of the year 2020, no one ever saw a world where nose masks would become part of our routine attire. Reality check, the unrepentant Coronavirus which plunged the whole world into chaos has given our lives a new definition.

Just like the advent of Coronavirus, what the future holds is uncertain and unpredictable even with the increasing evolvement of technology, what the next minute holds, no one knows. As humans however, given intellect by our creator, we may be able to predict some of life happenings.

The Helpmates Youth Foundation has decided, as part of her contribution towards making meaning out of an unpleasant situation, hopes to train at least 100 youths on some identified skills.

That the world has become a global village is no longer news. A world where walls no longer serve as barriers, where possibilities are unlimited. We would be training these youths with some of the skills required to position them for greater opportunities in the future.

We would also like to use this medium to appreciate our frontline and essential workers who have taken up the responsibility to serve as our first line of defence against the novel Coronavirus. We appreciate your efforts and only God can reward you all.

Let us all also take it as a point of duty to protect ourselves and be our neighbours’ keepers. The incessant increase in rape cases recently is disheartening and worrisome. It is a pointer to the moral and psychological decadence in our society. Nobody deserves to be raped, whether male or female and as such, we all need to do our homework rightly.

We also implore the government to put in place stiffer punishments for offenders in order to serve as determent to others.

It is our hope that the youths out there take advantage of our upcoming training which will come at no cost, to empower themselves and become better versions of themselves, positioning them rightly for the future that awaits.

At the Helpmates Youth Foundation, our commitment to ensure a better community remains unwavering and we believe in the possibility that we can only get better.

Long live Nigeria, long live THF.



  1. This is a good foundation that is interested in youth empowerment. More grease to your elbow

  2. Thank you for your endless service to the society. God bless you.

  3. May Allah assist everyone us….. Really which to be part. In Sha Allah

  4. Hope to give back to the society

  5. May the Lord bless you for this great opportunity

  6. This is a very great opportunity for youths. It’ll in a way create jobs for thousands and also give changes to people’s lives.

  7. I love this train, please put me up. thank you.

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