About Us

THE HELPMATES FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to the uplift of youth and making the society a better place. Our utmost priority is to make individuals of each community better in all spheres of their lives.

We exist to mentor, assist, advise and support many youths who have strayed due to improper mentoring, lack of focus and ability to project into the future.

Our passion is spurred from the dire need to change the devastating condition of our community, which is currently witnessing dearth or near absence of quality youths. This is as we recognize that the community is the strongest socializing agent after the family and determines an individual’s physiological and psychological character.

To us, investment in youths remain the most reliable the future that can salvage any community. Therefore, the existence of sane individuals is one of the important ingredients that enable a community to thrive and develop, which in turn contributes to total development of the country.

In addition, we help in developing youths to evolve the right orientation in the engaging society and ensure impact. We simply ameliorate our community by fostering youth growth by mapping developments through mentoring and community health projects