Kit A Child (KAC)

The Kit-A-Child Is an initiative that Seeks to help students who are indigents by providing them with necessary learning materials. Educational material to be supplied include and not limited to:

  • Bags
  • Books
  • Pen
  • Mathematical set
  • Text books
  • Calculators
  • Pencils…


To support children with educational material to assist effective study
To develop youths who are intelligent but do not have material wherewithal to easily and effectively study.
To complement government and parent’s effort in providing enough materials towards providing sound academic for all.


Forms shall be administered and interviews to verify the veracity of the information provided. Students in this category shall be considered.

  • Indigent student with inventories
  • Indigent students with exceptional academic performance
  • Indigent student with most improved academic performance
  • Youths with creative and good psychomotor skills